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The first step involved in cleaning upholstered, household furniture is to identify the fabric fiber that needs to be cleaned.
Natural Fibers – Clean with low alkaline pre-conditioners, followed by a neutral rinse.
Synthetic Fibers – Clean with strong alkaline pre-conditioners followed by a neutral rinse.

Next, we use a low moisture tool to clean the most sensitive of fabrics without over wetting the upholstery.  A common mistake that most companies make is to use cheap upholstery tools and extreme alkaline products when cleaning upholstery.  Strong alkaline products are used as a short cut to cleaning fabric furniture.  It will however damage the fibers which will decrease the lifespan of the upholstery. Knowing the fabric type allows us to determine if the cleaning products we will use will be acid or alkaline based.

Squeaky Clean & Dry Upholstery Cleaning Services

Many families fail to clean their upholstery as often as they should as can be seen in the pictures.  Even if it has been far too long in between cleanings the results can be exceptional when you hire a professional upholstery cleaner. If you look at the pictures in the gallery you will see the kind of results you can expect!

When the fabric of the furniture needing cleaning is synthetic based, we use an alkaline cleaning agent to achieve the best results.  It is important to note that many pieces of furniture now a days is created using a blend of natural and synthetic fabrics.  The professionals cleaning your furniture must be extremely careful in order to achieve maximum results.

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The Dangers of Over Wetting in Upholstery Cleaning

If upholstered furniture is overly wet during the cleaning process, there is the potential for the color to bleed out of the fabric.  Usually this occurs when outdated or poorly maintained equipment is used to clean your fabric furniture.  Another reason that upholstered furniture could experience color loss is that it is heavily soiled and should have been cleaned long before it was.

Our team of professionals will look at your furniture and carpet FREE OF CHARGE in order to provide you with an idea of what you can expect throughout the process and an exact price for cleaning your upholstered furniture.

We Clean More Than Household Furniture

The experts at Squeaky Clean & Dry also upholstery cleaning for boats, mattresses, carpets, headliners, and more.  Not many professional upholstery cleaners offer cleaning services for boat upholstery, but we do! We get into tight spaces that others don’t.  Our trucks hold water which allows us to clean on location whether your boat is stored at your home or at the dock.  The equipment we use for upholstery cleaning allows us to get into the tightest of spaces – even those on your boat.