You Can Love Your Pet Without the Odor

Do your pets like to hang out and snuggle up on the furniture?  Has dog or cat urine ever soaked through your carpet onto the underlayment below?   Do you know that home cleaners don’t effectively remove pet odors?  The professionals at Squeaky Clean & Dry can help!

Locating Pet Odors

One of the most important elements, if not the most important element in removing pet odors is to identify where the odor is coming from.  The location of the odor is crucial when treating animal smells with our commercial odor applications.  Pet stains and odors are not always easily recognizable using the naked eye.  Most residential upholstery cleaners don’t get deep enough to into the carpet, padding, and underlayment to remove the odors within the carpet however, WE CAN!

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What Commercial Facilities Benefit from Our Services?

Locate Pet Odors:  Our team will first use special equipment to locate leftover urine and feces odors.  We will remove all cat and dog urine smells, as well as various other pet odors.  Depending on how severe your odor issue we will use one of the following treatment options:

The is the perfect solution when the pet “accidents” you are smelling are recent or part of yearly odor removal maintenance. Depending on the type of carpet you have there may be some mild odor, along with yellowing. If the urine and feces contamination has reached the carpet padding or sub flooring, a topical treatment option will not work to remove your odor problem. Topical treatment is good for animal odors that are not from urine. Unfortunately, all animals that live within your home have an odor that they leave behind.

This is a perfect option for moderate animal odor situations. When a pet has repeatedly used the same spot as a restroom the odor in that location will be incredibly strong as you approach the area. The carpet and padding have been contaminated and therefore the sub floor and tack strips are probably contaminated as well, even if they show no signs of rot. A urine pretreatment is necessary, followed by an application of an enzyme to eliminate the odor. For super challenging odors a second application may be needed.

When padding and subflooring are heavily contaminated the carpet will need to be treated from the top and the backing using urine pretreatment and commercial enzymes. The contaminated carpet pad should be sectioned off and replaced. The subfloor should be sealed, dried, and then have the carpet re-installed.

In many situations where pet urine is involved there will be a yellowing of the area. We will attempt to reverse the effects of urine and the yellowing characteristics however; it is important to remember that it is not always possible to remove pet stains after they have set in.