Emergency Water Damage from Broken Pipes and Flooding

Mold from improper water damage restoration and cleanup can create bigger problems for you.  Don’t let water damage from broken pipes and flooding create issues that they don’t have to.  Call Squeaky Clean & Dry at the first signs of water damage or mold.

Why We Are Better

We work directly with your insurance company

We use state of the art drying systems

We react fast during your emergency – Secondary damage from water left unattended can increase the cost of repair. By reacting quickly, we eliminate further damage and mold growth which saves clients time and money.

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Whatever Situation or Challenge you Face, We Have a Solution

Flooded Basements

Flooded Ceilings and Walls

Flooded Sub Floor

Flooded Flooring – Carpet & Wood

Damp Crawlspaces

Warranty: We guarantee you will not have the same problem twice when using our services.  We happily offer the best warranty in the business!  For Mold Inspections or Estimates for Mold Remediation call Jim Richardson directly at (302) 729-2011