Mold Removal and Restoration

Squeaky Clean & Dry is a fully certified mold inspection and remediation firm. Each of our team members is required to go through special training; we are always happy to show our credentials off, just ask! Don’t risk your family’s safety using untrained workers; you risk recontamination and lawsuit when hiring workers without the appropriate training and insurance.

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Mold Testing and Remediation

Ahhh… There is mold in my attic, what do I do now?

First things first, you will need an inspection and air quality test. The cost of the inspection and air test will depend on a couple of factors such as:

– The location of mold in your home or business

– The size of the property

– The amount of space to be inspected

Squeaky Clean and Dry offers FREE Estimates for mold removal & remediation services if you have had an inspection performed by another company. If you think you have a mold issue it is important to have a proper inspection and air test performed.  It is necessary to establish a base of what needs to be done, and to rule out mold spores that have spread throughout the structure and HVAC system.

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The Effects of Mold and Proper Remediation

Mold can easily spread from one location to another, from attics to basements into areas throughout your home or office.  Mold is not always localized to one area of the structure which can cause great harm.  If all the mold present is not properly remediated, individuals occupying the space will start to experience telltale symptoms and side effects all of which can cause great harm to their overall health.

For mold to be properly remediated we must first discover how the mold came about and why it spread.  Sometimes this can be easy to identify, such as hydrostatic pressure from the basement while other reasons can be much more complex, relating to proper household airflow.  Don’t pay for mold remediation twice; have your mold problem solved properly the first time by hiring the Squeaky Clean & Dry professionals.

Warranty: We guarantee you will not have the same problem twice when using our services.  We happily offer the best warranty in the business!  For Mold Inspections or Estimates for Mold Remediation call Jim Richardson directly at 302.501.7035.