Residential and Commercial Carpet & Rug Cleaning

Why You Should Choose Squeaky Clean & Dry

We offer a unique carpet cleaning process that allows your carpets to be thoroughly cleaned and usable, within a short period of time. Our process leaves a low chance for mold growth, which is a common problem that occurs when carpets are left wet for too long. The green, low moisture carpet cleaning services we provide are:
Safe – We use all natural, organic, non-toxic carpet cleaning agents
Carpets typically dry fully in about 6-8 hours but we have methods that can dry carpets in about an hour, even when it is cold and rainy outside
Thorough – Residue from other carpet cleaners, including home machines, are removed
Effective – Prevent mold growth
Allergen Free – Perfect for individuals with allergies
Quiet – No loud gasoline fired equipment is used
Green – Equipment uses 90% less water than steam cleaning
Damage Free – We do not use hoses that will scratch your floors or walls
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Comprehensive – All sides of the carpet fiber are cleaned, which results in a superior clean
Convenient – No doors need to be left open during the carpet and rug cleaning process
Cleaner – Carpets stay cleaner, longer because of our superior cleaning method
Respectful – We take our time and never rush while cleaning the carpets and rugs in your home
Affordable – Pricing for carpet cleaning services to fit every budget
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Our Green Steam Carpet Cleaning

– Natural Organic Preconditioners Applies
– Natural Fungicide, Bactericide, and Anti-Viral
– Low to No Odor
– Powerful Commercial Extraction for Allergen Removal
– Perfect for Newborns, Crawlers, and Toddlers
– High Temperature Germ Killing
– Perfect for High Traffic Areas
– Pre-Scrubbing for High Traffic Areas
– Animal Hair Removal
– Pet Stain and Odor Removal
– Soil and Debris Removal

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– Fast Drying Time
– Carpet Cleaning Method that Maintains Carpet Warranty
– Protection from Furniture Staining Carpet
– Careful to Not Scuff Floors or Walls
– Under Bed Cleaning
– Can Walk on Carpet Immediately with Clean Socks

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

What You Can Expect

– Natural Organic Preconditioners Applies
– Experienced Carpet Cleaning Technicians
– Multiple Professional Technicians for Larger Carpet Cleaning Jobs
– We Accommodate Your Specific Situation and are Flexible to Your Needs
– Fair and Reasonable Pricing
– Maintenance Plans to Fit Every Budget
– Professional Advice and Recommendations on What Will Work Best

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– Fast Drying Technology
– Dry Cleaning and Hot Water Extraction with Truck Mounted Equipment
– Proper Commercial Cleaning Maintains Your Carpet Warranty
– Upholstery Cleaning Provided Included Panels and Room Dividers
– Tile Floor Cleaning Services

The Squeaky Clean & Dry 30-Day Money Back Carpet Cleaning Guarantee

We guarantee any spots that are cleaned will not come back for 30 days.  If they do, so will we, no questions asked.  We also guarantee that we will remove the cleaning residue left behind from other carpet cleaners, including your own machine.  If we cannot make you satisfied, we will gladly return your money.