Carpet Cleaning Rip Offs

Carpet Cleaning Rip Offs

Watch out for carpet cleaning rip offs! Some companies will charge a low price just to get into your home.  Once in your house, they will use high pressure tactics and sales techniques to take your money.

Watch this video to become an expert rip off spotter!

One of the ways that low priced companies work is that they use extremely strong, and in many cases “toxic” cleaning agents, to SPEED CLEAN your carpet.

There is no way you can get a thorough cleaning for a whole house in 1 hour.  It takes 3 to 5 hours, sometimes longer, to thoroughly clean the carpet.

The governing body of carpet cleaning, AKA IICRC, claims that any carpet cleaning agent over pH of 10 will cause damage to the stain resistance of your carpet. There are many cheap companies out there using inferior cleaning agents that are harmful to you and your carpet!

Years ago, I worked for a company that used trisodium phosphate to clean carpets and upholstery.  You can get this stuff at any Home Depot. One of its main uses is as an asphalt and concrete cleaner.  In its powder form it’s carcinogenic. 🙁

There is more to this story but the point here that I trying to make is that if you want cheap, it’ll probably be the most expensive cleaning, in the long run, that you ever get.

The great news is, if you’ve had one of these experiences (like many people have) I can reverse most, if not all the damage that was done.
So, don’t think your carpet is trashed just yet.


30 Day and Money Back Guarantee

I guarantee that any spots that I clean will not come back for 30 days. If they do, so will I, no questions asked.  I also guarantee that I will remove the cleaning residues from your carpet that other cleaners left behind, including your own machine!  If I cannot make you satisfied I will gladly return your money.

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