Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

Deep cleaning tile and grout isn’t easy for homeowners.  Not only is it messy, it is uncomfortable getting on the floor to really scrub the grout.  Professional grout and tile cleaning restores your tile and grout to its original state without the hassle.  Regular mopping doesn’t lift and remove the dirt that hides within the tile and grout, eventually causing discoloration.

Squeaky Clean & Dry uses a system that extracts the hidden dirt, cleaning the grout and restoring the shine to your tile floors.

Grout Color Sealing Services

Once the tile and grout has been professionally cleaned it is important to preserve the color of the grout.  Our grout color sealing process allows us to preserve the grout which maintains the uniform grout coloring and creates a surface that is easily cleaned in the future.  After grout has been cleaned, we recommend color sealing to ensure your tile floor produces the first impression you desire for your home or business.

In the pictures you can see the results of a commercial bathroom that has been color sealed.  The before picture shows that the grout lines have no uniformity.  The quarry tile job was over ten years old.  The facility no longer was achieving the clean, fresh appearance they desired with regular mopping.

In this case, the facility chose to color seal the grout to obtain a like-new appearance.  The color seal will last for many years to come and create stain resistance grout lines.  This will maintain a fresh look and help ease cleaning.  The process is the same in residential homes.

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Grout Coloring and Sealing

Just as carpet cleaning processes differ from one company to the next, so do grout coloring and sealing services.  We use commercial grade products that are only available t o flooring specialist.  Our products produce long lasting results when proper care instructions are followed.  For color seal to adhere to the existing grout, your floor must first be properly prepared.

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